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Awaken the Innate Wisdom Within

Are you seeking a profound shift, not only in awareness but in your very essence? Dive deep into a wellspring of inner wisdom nurtured by the ancient practice of guided introspection, combined with the revolutionary insights of modern psychology. Welcome to the Fire Circle of Evolving Temple. Fire circles intend to guide you inward and outward, exploring the essential alignments for you to surrender to out-of-body-like superior states of consciousness. These sessions are especially suitable if you like to take things step by step and explore the waters before diving in. Led by advanced practitioners with expertise in trauma and psychedelic integration, they ensure a grounded and impact-maximized experience.

We foster an environment for focused, client-centered dialogue. This is where your hidden wisdom unveils. Dive into your psyche layer by layer, identifying personal, professional, and spiritual trajectories, and redefine your existence with innate knowledge you weren’t even aware you possessed.

The Importance of Guided Preparation

Every human being carries within them a reservoir of innate wisdom, a profound knowledge deeply interwoven into the very fabric of our being. This wisdom is often obscured by the noise of daily life, past traumas, and societal conditioning. Catalysts such as psychedelics act as powerful tools that can pierce through these layers, offering a clearer view of our inner truths. When coupled with coaching and therapeutic modalities, these catalysts can guide an individual to access and harness this inherent wisdom. By diving deep into the realm of their subconscious and embracing their authentic selves, individuals can spark transformative change, revealing a life aligned more closely with their innate understanding and purpose.

Embarking on a psychedelic journey can be a profound and transformative experience, but like all powerful tools, it’s essential to approach it with understanding and respect. That’s where guided preparation comes into play. The superior state of consciousness that psychedelics unlock might feel alien to many. However, with the right guidance and a solid foundation, these alien landscapes can become familiar territories of self-exploration and growth. With the Evolving Temple’s Fire Circle sessions, we ensure that you’re not only ready for the journey but also equipped to navigate it for the utmost benefit. Exploring the elements within and outside of you – is a catalyst for maximizing the transformative outcome of the therapeutic psychedelic experiences.

Fire Circles intends to enable you to:

  • Achieve profound personal growth.
  • Attain a deeper understanding of your psyche and your place in the universe.
  • Harness the advantages of co-creation with like-minded individuals committed to development.
  • Gain insight into psychedelic experiences, even if you choose not to partake.

Join Us, With or Without Psychedelics

Partake in our sessions irrespective of your inclination towards a psychedelic experience. Whether you choose to embrace psychedelic journeys or not, Fire Circle sessions are open to all.

Seekers who attend these sessions with no involvement with Psychedelics also find immense development within themselves. Should you be drawn to it later, our team will guide you through individual ceremonies, group ceremonies, or transformative retreats as you desire

Experienced Psychonut? Join us with a microdose.

If you are an experienced psychedelic user, you are aware of the openness and connectivity of your mind under the right dosage of a microdose. You are welcome to attend the introspective conversation with a microdose of psychedelics, as it provides your mind with a transformation-conducive space to multiply the impact of your expansion and growth.

If you are unsure of the type of energy medicine or the dosage, make a consultation with one of our practitioners for in-depth preparation.

The Three Pillars of Preparation Protocol

Experience the Unique Psychedelic Integration Methodology at Evolving Temple

  1. Awakening Innate Wisdom Within: Unveil layers of your psyche in a reflective environment. Under the care of Evolving Temple expert practitioners, identify your personal, professional, and spiritual trajectory. Rediscover the innate knowledge you hold, allowing you to redefine your life’s evolution.
  2. Deep Dive into the Inner Universe: Understanding one’s psyche is akin to navigating the vastness of the universe. Delve deep to explore its richness.
  3. Existential Exploration of the Materialistic Universe: Engage with materialistic universe comprehension. Familiarize yourself with existential concerns and understand your place within.

The Avenues of Your Transformational Odyssey Through the Fire Circle

We will be diving deep into the themes below in each Fire Circle.

  • Mind Mirror: A fresh perspective on your own mind.
  • Dissolving the Self: Unraveling the complex web of systems that define our human experience.
  • Duality Dance: Understanding and Embracing the paradoxical nature of pain and pleasure.
  • Somatic Symphony: Integrated awareness of body and mind.
  • Temporal Self-Integration: Understanding time’s role within you.
  • Defining the Inner You: Explore your current self and envision your future identity.
  • Wealth Wisdom: Unraveling the intricacies of money and mindset.
  • Co-Creation of Abundance: Harness the universe’s forces for true abundance.
  • Karmic Constellations: Understand the mindsets formed around karmic energy and its daily influence.
  • The universal Intelligence: Grasp the role of evolution, DNA, and epigenetics that mend your human experience.
  • Embracing the unknown: Viewing death in a transformative light and its impact.
  • Redefining You: After a year of introspection, reimagine your trajectory, inspire others, and embrace growth further.

Mode of Delivery

Fire Circles are delivered live both in Bangkok in-person and virtually through monthly 120-minute reflective conversations on designated dates. Here, you’ll find yourself among reflective, intellectual, and spiritually-aligned individuals, all committed to their personal growth.

In-Person Fire Circle Dates


14 January, 11 February, 10 March, 14 April, 12 May, 9 June, 14 July, 11 August, 8 September, 13 October

Online Fire Circle Dates:


10 January, 14 February, 13 March, 10 April, 8 May, 12 June, 10 July, 14 August, 11 September, 9 October

Multiple Modes of Engagement

Our sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your routine. Understanding the diverse needs of our community, we offer Fire Circle sessions in various formats. For those located in Bangkok or visiting, we host in-person sessions that allow direct interaction with our guides and fellow participants. If you’re elsewhere, you can join us through our live Zoom sessions. If you missed the live sessions or for those who prefer a self-paced journey, we have recorded sessions available on our learning platform, ‘Awaken Mind Guide’. With our expansive digital infrastructure, gain access to knowledge anywhere, anytime.

Delve Deeper into Our Program

Each Fire Circle session is a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary science. We combine meditative practices, particularly Vipassana, guided introspection, and modern psychological techniques to ensure a holistic experience. You’ll explore various facets of your psyche, unveil hidden truths, and forge a deeper connection with your inner self. These sessions are tailored to provide grounding, ensuring that your journey, whether psychedelic or not, is both safe and beneficial.

Delve Deeper into Our Program

Our Fire Circle sessions are conducted monthly, ensuring you have ample time to integrate learnings from one session before diving into the next. The preparation for sessions includes intriguing documentaries, short reading resources, podcasts, practical challenges, and pre-session reflections. Post-session, our community platforms, and follow-up activities ensure that your journey of self-exploration continues seamlessly.

All our participants appreciate mindfulness, enabling a co-creation with an open mind willing to explore and an empathetic heart to share respect and care.

Hear From Our Community

LA - Financial Professional

Over the years, we’ve had countless individuals embark on this journey with us. Their stories of transformation and growth stand as a testament to the power of interventions at Evolving Temple. We treat the privacy and confidentiality of our clients with utmost regard; hence, we withhold the names of the testimonies. Should you require, we are able to provide direct references with curated permission from our clientele.

I am surprised by my own development within 6 months of working with Fernando one-on-one without even any substance. Fernando is like a compass, yet I love how the entire process is self-directed. I have discovered things about myself that I never knew, although some of it was in plain site.

VD - Media Personnel

I felt lost in life for a long time. No money or fame could give me happiness. Now, I am lucky to have my spiritual guide, K. Fernando, by the side of me for a lifetime. I feel peaceful, and finally, I know real happiness. It took only one session with the energy medicine to find myself again.

MM - Director, Corporate Company

The best testament to Fernando Hettiyadura and his contributions at Evolving Temple is my commitment to work with him for the rest of my life, exploring myself even though I am almost double his age.

SA - Retired Professional

I was very skeptical, very! Then, it blew my mind. Fernando Hettiyadura is one of those rare humans beyond any testimony! You have to see yourself!

WS - CHRO, Pharmaceuticals

Initially, I just attended one of his sessions without knowing what to expect, and I had my whole world changing right before my very eyes. My life will never be the same. The journey has been nothing but awakening. Thank you, Fernando, and the amazing team as well.

AK - Artist

I lived a lifetime of fear. I have heard about the power of Psilocybin, but the intense fear stopped me from trying it. That was until I met Mr. Fernando Hettiyadura; his guidance, patience, and trust slowly opened me to it. The experience I was terrified of turned out to be the most beautiful, mystical, and meaningful experience of my entire life. It is not Psilocybin itself; the secret is in Fernando’s approach. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

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Fire Circles are delivered live both in Bangkok in-person and virtually through monthly 120-minute reflective conversations on designated dates.



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