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Have you ever pondered upon your place in the vast expanse of the universe?

Did you know that stars collided in making of you?

Imagine the celestial dance of stars from the birth of our universe, celestial bodies colliding in precision and weaving the fabric of your very own existence. Those colliding stars birthed the iron molecules which pulses within your heart at this very moment. From the furthest corners of space, water journeyed to our solar system, predating its very formation, and found its way to Earth. It is the very same ancient water that runs through your veins making up 70% of your being, connecting you to the depths of the ancient universe.

You are a living testament to an unbroken chain of evolution, tracing back to origins unknown to humans. Earth, teeming with life, gains consciousness through you. Your consciousness; like life on Earth, is evolving, continuing the cosmic existence. Amongst this celestial dance, do you recognize the sacredness of you? The most sacred element of the universe, your consciousness, is hosted in your ever-evolving body, making you a temple in a constant evolution of consciousness.

You are Evolving Temple.

This is your journey to exploring sacredness deep within you.

With utmost responsibility, I never thought I would say this, but there are shortcuts to healing and mind development. They have always been there, and will always be. But we, as humans, can be distracted at times.

Research after research, the healing powers of Psychedelics have starstruck scientists, which was no secret to our ancestors. There is evidence that Psychedelics have been silently shaping human civilization through advancements.

The excitement in my heart feels like fireworks, I want to scream from the window. This is an invitation to you to co-create with me in my journey of exploring healing and mind development using the benefits of Psychedelic plant medicine.

Now, my words may not be graceful, but I must not fail to mention that this is The Real Deal!

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Because it positively transformed my life firsthand! Needless to elaborate, as a therapist and a mind development professional, I dedicated my life to learning and further developing healing and mind development through Psychedelic intervention.

Psychedelics are only the catalyst of healing and development that takes place in an individual, and the impact is created by the intervention. The Psychedelic Intervention we offer at Evolving Temple embodies three carefully designed methodologies: Preparation Protocol, Psychedelic Application Protocol, and Development Integration Protocol. We take the clinical route to Psychedelic Intervention embodying developmental neuroscience, Vipassana (seeing or observation) derived from the Buddhist Meditation Technique (with no religious attachment whatsoever)  incorporated with reflection as an approach to creating awareness, acceptance of healing, and mind development. 

While we utilize the mystical aspects of Psychedelics Plant Medicine in our signature treatments, we focus on the inner development that enables maximum impact and inspiration in creating an abundant, fulfilled peaceful life. Our programs not only focus on mental health aspects but also address other developmental areas. Our key signature programs encompass Healing, 360 Life Turnaround, An Awakening, Growing Brain Connections, Eliminating Fear, Confidence, Freedom from Addiction and Phobia, and Healing of Relationships to name a few.

If this ignites a spark in you, you have a fascinating journey ahead of you. 


Do you feel a deep yearning to break free from cycles of mental and emotional prisons, to find true freedom, peace, and fulfillment? Does this seem like an impossible dream amidst the distractions of modern realities, as if it would take a million impossible years to achieve?

There is hope. With profound empathy, we at Evolving Temple assure you that we can guide you to a place that feels like home. We offer a unique and accelerated journey towards deep, meaningful transformation. This assurance comes with utmost responsibility and confidence, built upon our experience of guiding hundreds of seekers on their paths to healing, personal growth, and spiritual awakening.

We speak of true transformation – a complete metamorphosis of your entire being. This change is profound and holistic, touching every aspect of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual being at a quantum level.

Our exclusive approach stands in stark contrast to traditional healing and developmental modalities, which can take years, or even decades, to effect change. At Evolving Temple, we offer a rapid and profound transformational path. We create a unique fusion of modern science and ancient wisdom, integrating sacred plant medicine. This breakthrough methodology combines behavioral psychology, reflective coaching, and the timeless techniques of Vipassana, all enriched by the transformative power of sacred plant energy.

Our protocol is meticulously crafted to understand and meet your unique self-evolution needs with utmost personal care. We accompany you on a sacred journey to expand your conscious awareness, rewiring your subconscious and unconscious mind, thus unlocking profound healing and effortless, long-lasting transformation.

Welcome to a new paradigm of transformation, where ancient wisdom and modern science converge, shortening a lifelong journey into moments of profound realization. At Evolving Temple, our invitation to you is not just mere change, but to experience a profound rebirth and renewal of your holistic being.


At Evolving Temple, we operate from the understanding that mere conscious ‘knowing’ of the problem, or even the solution, is not adequate to break a detrimental behavior. That is why individuals often find themselves imprisoned in cycles of self-sabotage. Most people are aware that they are in unhealthy mental and emotional prisons, such as depression, addiction, fear, etc., and often they ‘know’ at a conscious level that it is irrational to continue the distorted pattern. In some cases they are even aware of the course of action needed to end the pattern, yet they find themselves enslaved to such mental states, bound in invisible chains.

Similarly, most seekers who yearn for spiritual growth are aware of spiritual realities. At the same time, they are also aware that ‘knowing’ of a spiritual insight is not enough to attain spiritual awakening or enlightenment that genuinely leads to true emotional bliss and love without attachment.

Traditional methods such as meditation, Kundalini, yoga, self-help literature, conversational therapy, and coaching often work primarily at the conscious level, offering gradual progress. While these practices can lead to profound transformation, they typically require years, or in most cases, several decades of intense, focused effort to significantly impact transformation and spiritual attainment.

True transformation is the possibility of deeply integrating conscious awareness into your subconscious and unconscious realms. This requires a vibrational change at a quantum level, enabling a seamless transition into actualizing or becoming the awareness itself. When your deeper quantum self is in sync with your conscious realizations, life becomes a reflection of effortless balance, spontaneous healing, and the manifesting of your desired reality.

Note: The ‘Meaningful Experiences’ individuals gained from the therapeutic application of Psychedelics mentioned below are in the same capacity as significant events such as childbirth or death in the immediate family.

From John Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research.
Cancer Study: Six months follow up

  • 80% clinical decrease in depression and anxiety
  • 67% One of the top 5 Spiritually Meaningful Experiences in their lives
  • 70% One of the top 5 Meaningful Experiences in their lives.

Depression Study: One month follow up

  • 70% clinically significant improvement
  • 50% Full remission to normal

From Ronald Griffiths – Leading Psychopharmacologist at John Hopkins Medicine.

  • About 50% single most Personally Meaningful Spiritual Experience
  • About 80% of Personally Meaningful Spiritual Experience
  • About 90% reported increased Life Satisfaction and Positive Behavior Change, including Increased Positive Mood and Better Social Relationships.

“I’ve come to think of meditation and Psilocybin have been complementary processes for investigation of the nature of mind, and in fact, neuroimaging studies show that they both produce similar changes in brain regions related to the sense of self.

Well, if meditation represents the true course of the investigation of the mind, Psilocybin surely represents the crash course.”




An intention has no meaning to me unless it expresses an element of love.
Fernando Hettiyadura

“I’ve come to think of meditation and Psilocybin have been complimentary processes for investigation of the nature of mind and in fact neuro imaging studies show that they both produce similar changes in brain regions related to sense of self.

Well, if meditation represents the true course of the investigation of the mind, Psilocybin surely represents the crash course.”

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