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Thank you for your interest in our Psychedelic Integration Treatments. Our mission is to provide a supportive environment that enables true transformation. This screening questionnaire will help us understand your unique needs and guide you on the best path to healing, life enhancement, and spiritual evolution.

At Evolving Temple, your safety is our utmost priority. All our psychedelic integration practitioners are well-trained, experienced, and accredited professionals who utilize strong trauma-informed approaches during all stages of the treatment including the preparation and integration phases.

During our psychedelic application treatments (intake or ingestion of Psilocybin in a ceremonial setting), a medical doctor or psychiatrist will always be available, either on call or present at the treatment venue. We conduct our psychedelic ceremonies and application sessions only in countries and regions where they are legally approved, ensuring full legal compliance in every aspect.

Note: Evolving Temple is the comprehensive psychedelic integration intervention of Ignite International Co. Ltd. We are legally established in Thailand; hence, we are only able to accept insurance from Thailand.

How to participate in our Psychedelic Integration Treatments?

  1. Complete and Submit the Pre-Screening Questionnaire. Fill out this screening questionnaire and submit it. If you recall any further information at a later time, feel free to send them to us via, [email protected].
  2. Internal Pre-Assessment: Our team will review your responses to determine if we’re able to deliver the specific intervention you seek.
  3. Assignment to a Qualified Practitioner: If accepted, you’ll be assigned an integration practitioner and you will be informed via email.
  4. Initial Consultation Invitation: You’ll be invited to an initial consultation with your assigned practitioner. This session incurs a 150 USD consultation fee and may last between 60 to 90 minutes.
  5. Treatment Trajectory and Treatment Fees:  During the Initial Consultation we will gather further information on your intentions, expected outcomes, and preferences. Then we will internally decide on the length of the treatment and other therapeutic interventions required. A treatment plan will be then developed and you will be informed within 3 business days via email. And once the fee is settled, your sessions will be scheduled. Please note, our treatment fees begin at 1500 USD and a typical treatment (of six months including Psychedelic application and a minimum of 12 therapeutic conversational sessions for preparation and integration) would incur a fee of 4500 USD on average.
  6. Regular Monitoring and Progress Assessment: Throughout the treatment, we will conduct regular progress monitoring sessions.
  7. Conclusion Session: The treatment will conclude with a session assessing your development and healing progress.
  8. Follow-Up and Support: We conduct Healing Circles twice a month. All our clients have access to these healing circles before, during, and after their sessions, for a period of 3 to 12 months on a complimentary basis, depending on the treatment package they opt for. The Healing Circles include mental and emotional support in group settings that create a psychologically safe space to share and celebrate transformation while connecting with a like-minded group of individuals in a nurturing community.
  9. Undertaking of clients: We decided to undertake the delivery of our psychedelic integration treatments based on the information you provided in this pre-screening questionnaire, hence, please provide accurate information in detail. In case you do not understand a specific terminology or require assistance in understanding the content of this questionnaire, please email us at [email protected] we are here to assist you. After our internal assessment, if we are unable to undertake your specific case, we will inform you via email. In the interest of maintaining professional discretion, we reserve the right to withhold the specific reason(s) for our inability to proceed with treatment.
  10. Confidentiality: Your privacy is important to us. All information provided is confidential from this point, including this questionnaire, the information you share during integration, the ceremony, and the integration sessions, and will only be shared with specific integration practitioners, psychiatrists, doctors, and our communication personnel within Evolving Temple. 

Your information may be released in rare situations of legal requirements when required by law to disclose certain details and safety concerns if the client expresses an intention to harm themselves, others, animals, or any entity.

All information will be protected under the Thailand Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Should you decide not to proceed with the treatment or you are disqualified from entering our treatments, we will securely discard your records within seven days, and they will no longer be accessible. All our interventions adhere to the MAPS Code of Ethics for Psychedelic Practitioners and ICF Ethical Guidelines.

Purpose of the Questionnaire

To ensure your safety, it is crucial that we thoroughly understand your background, treatment history, challenges, and developmental needs. Therefore, any individual interested in participating in our psychedelic integration treatments is required to complete this form. When joining a group treatment, each individual must complete this pre-screening questionnaire individually.

The questions in this comprehensive screening questionnaire will help us:

  1. Understand your mental and emotional health.
  2. Identify any past trauma or adverse childhood experiences.
  3. Evaluate your current mental health status and medications.
  4. Determine your suitability for psychedelic integration.
  5. Learn about your past and current use of psychedelics.
  6. Assess your physical health and potential contraindications.
  7. Evaluate your ability to reflect, strategize, and create an actionable plan.
  8. Create a personalized plan for your integration journey.
  9. Emergency contact details.
Please click the button below to proceed with answering the Screening Questionnaire for Psychedelic Integration Treatment. Please note, this form may take up to 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
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