'R E B I R T H'


How to Reset your mind, Reset your life for 2024 quite literally!


FREE Workshop in the Center of Bangkok
Sunday the 19th November from 8.30am to 11.00am
At Moda Dance Studio, 42 Tower at Sukhumvit Soi 42
(5-minute walking distance from BTS Ekkamai)

FREE Workshop Online
Tuesday, the 21st November from 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Live via Zoom

'R E B I R T H'


How to Reset your mind, Reset your life for 2024 quite literally!


FREE Workshop Online
Tuesday, the 21st November from 7.00pm to 9.30pm
Live via Zoom

FREE Workshop in the Center of Bangkok
(Join the waiting list)

What comes to mind when you hear ‘out-of-body experiences’?

Free event on Nov 19, 2023 at SOCO WORK LIVE in Helix Quartier, EmQuartier from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

Join the in-person FREE event, ‘Healing, life enhancement & spiritual attainment through out-of-body experiences’ on November 19, 2023, from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM, at the SOCO WORK LIVE EmQuartier in Bangkok.

 We regret to inform you that our 10th September event is fully booked.  However, we have another event scheduled for the 19th of November. We invite you to join the waiting list for the November event, and we will be sure to reach out to you when a spot becomes available. Thank you for your interest!

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Can you sense the cosmic stirrings shift towards your metamorphosis within, inviting you for a profound conscious expansion and unlocking your true potential for a new era commencing in 2024?

Are you seeking a quite literal ‘rebirth’ that not only redefines but also liberates you from the chains of limiting mindsets and disruptive behaviors, setting your spirit free once and for all as 2023 closes its curtains?

Do you aspire for a life not merely lived in mediocrity but celebrated with intense passion, deep fulfillment, and soulful resonance and be a catalyst to inspire people’s lives?

Then, join this workshop and explore how to reset your mind, reset your life, for 2024.

The workshop is free, and we would graciously accept a donation of your preference towards the venue and logistical costs.


Observe your death, experience your rebirth, and reinvent your life.

Begin a heart-based, holistic, and transformational journey of metamorphosis as you commence 2024.

Go beyond traditional New Year's resolutions. Reset your mind, reset your life in 2024, and reinvent your future!

As the celestial dance of our Earth commences a new cycle around the sun, do you create New Year’s resolutions? As you craft aspirations and commitments for personal and professional excellence, how well have you been able to achieve and embody success through the resolutions you’ve set each year?

In this hands-on workshop, we look forward to introducing how the potential for rebirth offers a radical shift from traditional self-improvement techniques. Grounded in ancient wisdom and propelled by contemporary science, our approach centers on profound vibrational transformations within your deep mind. We devise potent methodologies such as energy medicine integration, powerful breathwork, Vipassana, and Kundalini, all in a safe, therapeutic environment. Learn how you can begin a transformative journey enabling you to reset, rejuvenate, and experience rebirth at the essence of your very existence.

This workshop isn’t merely about setting New Year’s resolutions. It’s about exploring holistic transformation that occurs beyond the conscious mind, reintegrating every aspect of your being—physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. When one undergoes such profound shifts, it’s akin to being reborn at a quantum level. The renewed vibrancy is not just palpable; it fundamentally alters one’s approach to life, inspiring an abundant existence and expanding your personal, professional, and spiritual horizons.

This is an invitation for you to commence a journey of reinvention, to step into a blissful, abundant, and successful 2024 and beyond.


The Creator and the Lead Facilitator of the Rebirth Workshop

Fernando Old Pic
Fernando Old Pic

Hello seeker, 

There is a mass awakening happening around the world. As part of the very fabric of evolving consciousness, we all have our own part to play. So, I am glad that you are here, reading this message. And if you find an inclination, I am excited to co-create with you.

My mom says that I was an unusually curious child. I remember as a kid, among the many existential questions I used to ponder, it baffled my inquisitive mind to hear stories about ego death, awakening, enlightenment, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, to name a few.

Although ever since, I had an inclination to the possibility of seeing through the ‘eye of the mind’ rather than the ‘eyes of our body,’ little did I know that I would begin a lifelong journey dedicated to learning about the wonders of the human mind.

I am Fernando Hettiyadura, and it is my privilege to dedicate my life to learning about the human mind and creating possibilities for healing and the expansion of human consciousness. Today, I am an Alternative Multidisciplinary Therapist and an ICF-designated Master Certified Coach. The curious journey I commenced as a child has led me to dive deep into Psychology, Neuroscience, Buddhist Meditation Vipassana, and the power of Plant Energy Medicine. Today, I professionally act as a catalyst for seekers like you to create healing, life enhancement, and experience spiritual evolution, enabling a life of fulfillment and emotional bliss.

This is how I share the goodness of my heart with like-minded seekers, and it’s the reason I enthusiastically host free workshops worldwide, empowering seekers to expand their consciousness: An introduction to 12 free workshops we are planning to be held once a month in 2024.

If you feel that you are at the right place at the right time, I invite you to join me and experience the innate power that lies within you.


Many of us possess conscious insights into the innate calling for elevating well-being, success, and spiritual evolution. Yet, the conscious intent to change often falls prey to self-sabotage. This is because, from birth to adulthood, knowingly or unknowingly, we endure invisible wounds such as cognitive distortions, past traumas, and deep-rooted conditioning, acting as barriers to realizing one’s potential for greatness.

It’s not adequate to be merely aware of intentions to develop, break away from destructive behaviors, or grasp higher spiritual truths consciously. Often, the dynamics and the mechanics of our mind impede us from embodying these truths consciously. Therefore, just ‘conscious awareness’ isn’t sufficient to influence behavioral change or achieve meaningful goals like New Year’s resolutions.

True transformation arises when ‘conscious awareness’ morphs into subconscious and unconscious realization. By doing so, you can break free from detrimental mental and emotional patterns, allowing inspiration, emotional bliss, success, and abundance to become your effortless nature.

This is the true essence of REBIRTH.

Date: Tuesday, the 21st of November

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm GM+7

Entry Fees: Free. The Zoom link will be shared to you via email.

Participation: Registration is required. Limited seats available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Date: To be announced. Join the waiting list.

Entry Fees: Free. We appreciate a donation contributing to the cost of the venue and logistics.

Location: To be announced.
Dress code: The workshop includes rhythmic body movements and sitting down on the floor. Hence, we invite you to wear relaxed attire that enables comfortable movement.

Participation: Registration is required. Limited seats available on a first-come, first-served basis.

What to bring: Bring what you need to take notes and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Filming and recording: Photos and videos captured during the event may be uploaded on our websites and social media.

Important Note: We will be creating an Emotional Container of Psychological Safety with all the participants at the very beginning of the session, hence no entry is permitted after 9 am once the workshop commences. And yes, we start on the dot. Note that we reserve the full right to reject participation in the event before or during the event for the protection of the participants.

Prepare for a powerful hands-on, paradigm-shifting experience. The workshop is filled with activities, including self-reflection, somatic movement, group discussions, and space to self-express.


8:30 am to 9 am: Networking with like-minded seekers in the 9th-floor lobby at the venue.

9 am sharp: Workshop commences.


The themes we will be exploring through activities include:

  • Understanding your ego and your mind in new and unique practical ways.
  • Exploring disruptive energy, emotion, behavior, and thought patterns holding you back.
  • Identifying invisible wounds such as trauma, cognitive distortions, detrimental conditioning, and even disruptive epigenetic traits, and fostering healing through root causes.
  • Understanding ego dissolution and out-of-body experiences.
  • Creating powerful and actionable aspirations for 2024.

At the end of the workshop, you will recognize aspects of your life that you need to let die and move forward with hope and courage. We will provide you with a compassionate, safe space to connect with your inner wisdom, enabling innate healing to emerge within you, creating a profound sense of self-love.


Behavior Modifications

Re-engineer behavior, gain freedom from addiction, regain youthfulness, rejuvenate sexual energy, reset healthy eating, reboot body image and confidence, revitalize weight loss, diminish stress and anxiety, experience superposition, and many more.


Recovery and Healing

Heal root causes of imbalances, achieve mental and emotional healing, find freedom from fear, heal from grief, guilt, and shame, experience emotional recovery, receive ancestral healing, align metaphysical energies, resolve unanswered questions, and much more.


Life and Spiritual Evolution

Explore the internal relationship with self, focus on specific external relationships, reboot energy, reawaken creativity, expand the inner wisdom of the universe, experience the power of superior states of consciousness, and undergo a spiritual awakening.


We will share with you how you could literally experience a reboot of your emotional, mental, physical, and metaphysical energies by eliminating inhibitions and reinvigorating yourself, leading to a pivotal point in your life for a fresh start in 2024 and beyond.


This workshop aims to be a domino effect toward creating contentment, emotional bliss, and true, practical spiritual evolution.

This retreat is an invitation to a handful of seekers who are ready to connect with the unseen depths of self and the universe itself - directly!

'REBIRTH' Reset your mind, Reset your life for 2024 quite literally!

Meet your Lead Guide

Fernando Hettiyadura is a Multidisciplinary Therapist and an ICF Master Certified Coach who founded Ignite Global, Evolving Temple, and Awaken Mind Guide, dedicated for harnessing the potential of the human mind in creating healing, life enhancement and spiritual and professional development. With a holistic approach that integrates neuroscience, psychology, coaching, and alternative therapies, he assists clients in achieving a fulfilled life and supports their personal and professional development.

Utilizing modern science and ancient spiritual practices like Vipassana meditation, Fernando offers transformational experiences aimed at tapping into inner wisdom for a thriving existence. With 18 years in the field and over 4,000 hours of coaching and therapy, he works with a wide range of clients, which includes students, individuals, professionals, leaders, and influencers from all walks of life and organizations on their journeys toward transformation.

Fernando embraces meditation, loves being in nature, and is a passionate salsa dancer

I am not your Healer.

When we experience unease or dis-ease in us, most of us reach out for external ways of addressing the dis-ease, such as a doctor, medicine, or a healer. While these external band-aids would temporarily bring you comfort, the root causes of the diseases lie silently deep within ourselves, manifesting in our body, mind, and emotion in disruptive ways and showing up periodically.

The only person who can truly bring the highest level of healing is not outside of you. It is when you consciously undertake to be your own healer that the true healing begins. I am here with the intervention, guidance, and accountability as a catalyst in your healing journey.

So, you are the healer yourself, and I am only your guide.

With deep empathy, Fernando.

Relationship Specialist

Lux Hettiyadura is a Relationship Specialist, renowned for her innovative approach to Child and Adolescent Development and Parenting Coaching. Her work, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), specializes in fostering healing and spiritual growth within family dynamics, improving children’s and parents’ relationships for their collective personal and professional advancement.

With a rich educational blend of developmental psychology, coaching science, and relationship psychology, Lux’s coaching transcends conventional methods. She adeptly facilitates the nurturing of intimate and romantic relationships and addresses complex issues stemming from childhood, all aimed at creating fulfilling and transformative life experiences.

As a visionary in her field, Lux’s methodologies have successfully reached a diverse and high-profile clientele worldwide. Her dedication is not only to individual and familial development but also to revolutionizing educational systems and parenting strategies for a more empathetic and interconnected future.

Connect with the mountains and the earth, rivers and the rain, tears and the fire, love and the pain, wisdom and the magic.
Then, ultimately, you and the universe.

Connect with the mountains and the earth, rivers and the rain, tears and the fire, love and the pain, wisdom and the magic.
Then, ultimately, you and the universe.

When you invest your time and energy in taking a journey to a mountaintop in Chiang Mai to create a ‘REBIRTH’, we understand the responsibility and the gravity of the outcome we boast about.

Behind the confidence, we have a unique and proven systematic protocol that has created breakthroughs beyond the expectations of our self-healers. The intervention we offer at Evolving Temple embodies three carefully designed methodologies:

Preparation Protocol: Live interactive group reflection sessions. Individual preparation sessions according to your unique personal needs. Fully online, via Zoom.

The Ceremony: (Application Protocol): Takes place during the mountain retreat at Chiang Mai.

Integration Protocol: Live interactive group integration sessions. Individual integration sessions according to your unique personal needs. Fully online, via Zoom.

We take the clinical route to this energy medicine intervention embodying integrated neuroscience, Vipassana (seeing or observation) derived from the Buddhist meditation technique with a modern twist and metaphysical aspects of the experience in creating subconscious and unconscious transformation in you.


Explore how to reset your mind and reset your life for 2024!

Prepare for an experience that allows you to deeply unwind and immerse yourself in introspection, contemplation, and walk away with powerful techniques, awareness and breakthroughs.

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