Can you sense the cosmic stirrings shift towards your metamorphosis within, inviting you for a profound conscious expansion and unlocking your true potential for a new era commencing in 2024?

Are you seeking a quite literal ‘rebirth’ that not only redefines but also liberates you from the chains of limiting mindsets and disruptive behaviors, setting your spirit free once and for all as 2023 closes its curtains?

Do you aspire for a life not merely lived in mediocrity but celebrated with intense passion, deep fulfillment, and soulful resonance and be a catalyst to inspire people’s lives?

Then, let’s run away to Chiang Mai for a 3-day retreat and connect with the flow of cosmic consciousness.

The grass is greener on this side – literally!

Experience an out-of-body-like state and derive growth, transformation, and true expansion!


We invite you to a heart-based, holistic, and transformational journey, and the outcome of the retreat focuses on three elements of life enhancement.

Reset Your Mind, Reset Your Life.


Experience a groundbreaking intervention designed for either those feeling mentally tethered, unlocking pathways obstructed by mental blocks or stagnant emotions and thoughts, or you are simply ready for a new phase of your life.


Using the transformative therapeutic power of energy medicine, our bespoke ‘brain reset‘ offers more than rejuvenation—it's a release from the chains holding you back. Ideal for those with entrenched mindsets or cognitive barriers, this curated journey paves the way to rediscovering clarity and purpose. Break free from limitations, embrace a fresh perspective, and awaken a renewed spirit. Embark on a transformative odyssey and redefine your reality.

Attaining ‘REBIRTH’ or the superior states of consciousness involves the therapeutic application of energy medicine, a naturally occurring Plant Medicine found in nature. It stands out as one of the safest psychedelic compounds for human use in therapeutic applications in clinically researched and approved therapies within many advanced nations.


In therapeutic contexts, Energy Medicine is clinically applied in a safe space with preparation and integration processes. It demonstrates incredible potential as a remedy for conditions such as clinical depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental disorders. The clinical research concludes that Healthy Individuals benefit from Energy Medicine when integrated with Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.


Literally, the unimaginable power of this plant medicine is kept from you by stigma, greed, and control. This is your opportunity to break free and create ultimate healing and development for yourself.

The image shows an fMRI imaging of the areas responsible for the Default Mode Network (DMN) of your brain which hosts the sense of self. Image resource: Wikipedia

As a matter of fact, the study of Brain MRI Neuroimaging clinically concluded that the augmented state of brain connects your cortexes (particularly your cerebral cortex, which is the outermost wrinkled gray matter of your brain involved in voluntary actions of your body and is linked to perception, language, memory, problem-solving, etc.) positively change and increase brain connectivity significantly several times higher than the usual state of your brain.

This is an infographic representation of scientifically accurate representation of brain connections. Diagram (a) shows the brain connections at our normal awake state. Diagram (b) shows the brain connections on the energy medicine. This is hyper connected state is where the mystical experience takes place and subconscious and unconscious transformation takes place in you. Resource: Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

We as human beings naturally desire self-transformation, success, and abundance – whatever that may mean to you personally. However, the awareness and the intention alone aren’t enough to achieve a genuine mind-shift and drive the desire into a reality. It requires a specific intervention, which impacts your subconscious and unconscious mind to truly shift your mindset and behavior. Augmented Brain Rewiring offers a distinctive approach to making this a tangible reality.


This unique methodology integrates neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and Vipassana – the Buddhist meditation with a modern approach while integrating the power of natural plant energy medicine. The protocol facilitates direct changes in your deep mind, changing your life script itself empowering you to effortlessly take inspired actions and achieve profound transformation in your holistic being in a rapid phase.

How about the impact of this treatment in healthy individuals?

As a matter of fact, most importantly, this treatment acts as a powerful catalyst to significantly positively transform the emotional, mental, and behavioral aspects of a healthy individual with a long-lasting impact. In one of the studies conducted by John Hopkins Psychedelic Research, about 80% the participants stated that this experience is the most personally and spiritually meaningful experiences of their life; the impact being similar to childbirth or a death in the immediate family.

“I’ve come to think of meditation and Psilocybin have been complementary processes for investigation of the nature of mind, and in fact, neuroimaging studies show that they both produce similar changes in brain regions related to the sense of self.

Well, if meditation represents the true course of the investigation of the mind, Psilocybin surely represents the crash course.”


If you have been fighting invisible battles to overcome destructive behaviors and create a healthy and peaceful way of living and being, this is your opportunity to actualize your intentions and experience a rebirth that is unique to you!

This retreat is an invitation to a handful of seekers who are ready to connect with the unseen depths of self and the universe itself - directly! We will create a safe space for courageous and soulful reflective co-creations enabling the expansion of your conciseness and soul because it’s the energy medicine that chooses you, not the other way around!

I am not your Healer.

In moments of distress or dis-ease, many of us quickly turn outward, seeking solace in doctors, medicine, or healers. Though these avenues provide temporary relief to the symptoms of dis-ease, the true origins of our ailments often reside deep within, periodically surfacing in our body, mind, and emotions. Genuine healing emerges when you recognize that the ultimate healer isn’t external but resides within you.

I am here to serve you with guidance, intervention, insights, and accountability on your path to self-healing. So, you are the healer and I’m your compass.

Warmly, Fernando.


Preparation Protocol | The Ceremony | Integration Protocol

When you invest your time and energy in taking a journey to a mountaintop in Chiang Mai to create a ‘REBIRTH’, we understand the responsibility and the gravity of the outcome we boast about.

Behind the confidence, we have a unique and proven systematic protocol that has created breakthroughs beyond the expectations of our self-healers. The intervention we offer at Evolving Temple embodies three carefully designed methodologies:

Preparation Protocol: Live interactive group reflection sessions. Individual preparation sessions according to your unique personal needs. Fully online, via Zoom.

The Ceremony: (Application Protocol): Takes place during the mountain retreat at Chiang Mai.

Integration Protocol: Live interactive group integration sessions. Individual integration sessions according to your unique personal needs. Fully online, via Zoom.

We take the clinical route to this energy medicine intervention embodying integrated neuroscience, Vipassana (seeing or observation) derived from the Buddhist meditation technique with a modern twist and metaphysical aspects of the experience in creating subconscious and unconscious transformation in you.


Reset your mind, reset your life for 2024!

Prepare for an experience that allows you to deeply unwind and immerse yourself in introspection, contemplation, and the practice of Vipassana meditation. This retreat is carefully crafted with a minimalist approach, offering a tranquil environment for you to dedicate quality time to yourself. Embrace full presence with your inner self and nature.

We conduct numerous retreats throughout the year, both in Thailand and in Asia. Our next retreat will be in November 2023.

(If the dates are restrictive for you, click here and ask for more details about the January 2024 retreat.)

5-Day Mountain Retreat incorporating ENERGY MEDICINE Integration, Vipassana & Integrated Neuroscience in the mountains of Chiang Mai, thailand.

STEP 1: Complete the consultation.

STEP 2: Be accepted to the retreat and settle the investment to the retreat within 7 days. 

STEP 3: Receive the preparation guide, and further information such as the confirmation to your hotel reservation and everything relevant to the retreat.

STEP 4: Start your preparation sessions with the Evolving Temple team.

STEP 5: Meet the team at the retreat. Develop, grow, and transform your life. 

STEP 6: Continue to transform yourself and inspire people in your life.

While we recommend you to attend the five-day retreat, where you will be provided two out-of-body-like superior states of consciousness experiences, we understand your busy schedule, if you are unable to join all five days, you are able to join for three days, either from November 21-23 or November 23-25. 

Note: For the best outcome, result, and impact, we highly recommend you to attend the entire five-day retreat as it provides you with the adequate time and space to create a breakthrough rebirth experience.

02 October 2023

Day One: Crown Chakra – The Intention

Aligning intentions for the Cosmic Journey

Look at life from extreme realities – Out in Kathmandu City

Reflective co-creation

03 October 2023

Day Two: Third Eye Chakra – The reflection

The journey begins – Travel from Kathmandu to Sarangkot by Road.

Pondering up on the window – a self-reflection

Bonfire Traditional local dinner in the mountains

04 October 2023

Day Three: Throat Chakra – Self Expression

Finding inner expression: Nature Trial and Walking Meditation

Ceremony One (three selected healers)

Self-Expression & Creativity

Pokhara City walk and Traditional Local dinner by the Phewa Lake.

05 October 2023

Day Four: Heart Chakra – The Emotion

Sailing on Phewa Lake and walking in the nature

Ceremony Two (three selected healers)

Quantum Healing

06 October 2023

Day Five: Solar Plexus – The core

Energy Alignments and Cosmic Alignments

Your inner and outer universe

Womb work and inner child healing

Connect with the earth and the skies.

Traditional Local dinner by the Phewa Lake.

07 October 2023

Day Six: Sacral Chakra – Rebirth and Creation

Group Ceremony

Rebirthing a new self – group Integration session

Rebirth – Bonfire & celebration

08 October 2023

Day Seven: Root Chakra – The grounding

Travel from Sarangkot to Kathmandu by Road.

Pondering up on the window – a grounding reflection

Dinner in Kathmandu City

09 October 2023

 Departure from Kathmandu

Your home in the himalayas

Hotel Annapurna View, Sarangkot

Hotel Annapurna is a place where ancient Japanese architecture meets modern luxury located at a height of 1600 meters at Sarangkot, Pokhara. This luxury resort feels like going on a retreat without having to leave your home. The breathtaking view of the mountain ranges, combined with luxury and the comfort of the hotel room, is literally a doorway to the mountains right from your bed. The hotel is strategically positioned at the end of the Mountain range, hidden away in nature, and surprises you with a window to the Annapurna Mountain Range from one side, and on the other, you experience the expansiveness of Pokhara Valley and Phewa Lake. The hotel staff goes beyond the heartwarming Nepali hospitality, making your stay truly celebrated. When we were looking for the location for this retreat and, by chance, arrived upon this property, we instantly knew that we had just found it, and we invite you to a serene experience in the magnificent nature.

Secure your Seat now

Discounted retreat fees are only valid for those who booked
their consultation call on or before September 17, 2023.


฿69990 ฿ 49,990
  • 3-Day Retreat
  • Eligibility Consultation Session
    (Three Hours One-on-One)
  • One Individual Intention-alignment Session (90 minutes)
  • 'Rebirth' Group Preparation Protocol
  • One Guided Energy Medicine Ceremony
  • One Post-Ceremony Integration Session
  • Three Nights 4 or 5-star Accommodation (Breakfast & Dinner Included)
  • Experience Thai & International Cuisine
  • Transfer From/To Retreat Venue
  • Evolving Temple Gift Pack
  • Welcome Foot Massage
  • One Gong Bath
  • Daily Yoga and Mindfulness Activities


฿109990 ฿ 89,990
  • 5-Day Retreat
  • Eligibility Consultation Session
    (Three Hours One-on-One)
  • Two Individual Intention-alignment Session (90 minutes each)
  • 'Rebirth' Group Preparation Protocol
  • Two Guided Energy Medicine Ceremony
  • One Guided Group Energy Medicine Ceremony
  • Two Post-Ceremony Integration Sessions
  • Three Nights 4 or 5-star Accommodation (Breakfast & Dinner Included)
  • Experience Thai & International Cuisine
  • Transfer From/To Retreat Venue
  • Evolving Temple Gift Pack
  • Welcome Foot Massage
  • One Gong Bath
  • Daily Yoga and Mindfulness Activities
  • Two Massages


฿159990 ฿ 139990
  • 5-Day Retreat
  • Eligibility Consultation Session
    (Three Hours, One-on-One)
  • Three Individual Intention-alignment Sessions (90 minutes each)
  • 'Rebirth' Group Preparation Protocol
  • Two Guided Energy Medicine Ceremony
  • One Guided Group Energy Medicine Ceremony
  • Additional One Energy Medicine Ceremony
    (can be taken within 3 Months)
  • Six Post-Ceremony Integration Sessions
  • Three Nights 4 or 5-star Accommodation (Breakfast & Dinner Included)
  • Experience Thai & International Cuisine
  • Transfer From/To Retreat Venue
  • Evolving Temple Gift Pack
  • Welcome Foot Massage
  • One Gong Bath
  • Daily Yoga and Mindfulness Activities
  • Two Massages
If your admission to the retreat is approved, the consultation fee you paid will be deducted from your retreat fees.

If you are interested in joining the retreat in October 2023, please submit your expression of interest to join by completing the form below. We will get back to you within three business days with an appointment for an initial consultation.

Fernando Hettiyadura – Your Lead Guide

After personally experiencing the transformative power of plant energy medicine, Fernando dedicated his life to exploring healing and the expansion of consciousness through superior states of awareness.

Fernando Hettiyadura, the visionary behind Evolving Temple, Ignite Global, Awaken Mind Guide, and the Global Center for Reflective Practices and Consciousness, has led the charge in pioneering research and organizations focused on uncovering the vast potential of the human mind.

Fernando is an Alternative Multidisciplinary Therapist and an ICF-designated Master Certified Coach with over 18 years of diverse experience.

Taking innovation a step further, Fernando made history as he created the world’s first-ever Trauma-Informed Professional Coaching Mastery Certification Specializing in Psychedelic Integration for Advanced Practitioners.

Fernando is deeply passionate about his endeavors, and he seamlessly merges a variety of integrative therapies in his practice and uses client-centric reflective inquiry as the medium of delivery of his interventions. With over 18 years of diverse experience, Fernando’s expertise spans as an educator, mentor, and supervisor for reflective practices.

At the heart of his work, Fernando’s distinctive interventions serve as a powerful catalyst in inspiring both individuals and professionals, guiding them to ascend to new personal, professional, and spiritual heights.

Fernando embraces meditation, and he is a passionate salsa dancer.


An intention has no meaning to me unless it expresses an element of love.

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